Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Me-Made May -- Week 2!

OK, so this whole Me-Made May thing got much more difficult in week 2. I worked at home all but one day, which makes for very boring and repetitive clothes. In addition, I kept forgetting to take real pictures, so this post will have a lot of Instagrams.

Last week I mentioned that I was planning to count a mom-made piece of clothing for Me-Made May. In the day 6 picture, you can see the shawl my mom made. I love this thing. It's amazing and it has pockets. I like to wear it with a long-sleeved top layered over a long tank top and leggings.

Here's a slightly better view that shows the awesome pockets:

Day 7 found me at work in my trusty corduroy dress, made from Butterick B5781. I think I might just turn this dress into a skirt. I always wear it with a sweater overtop and the wonky neckline still bothers me. (Photo taken by a wonderful, long-suffering co-worker.)

I worked at home again on day 8, this time wearing an unblogged t-shirt dress. I had trouble with the hem on this one, making it extra short, so I turned it into a tunic and wear it with leggings. It's really soft and comfy. 

Bonus shot of me conferring with my co-model: 

On day 9, I wore my shawl/long-sleeved top/leggings again. I wore a slightly different color top, but didn't bother to take more pictures.

I also did laundry on day 9 and realized that one of our sheets had a big rip in it. So, inspired by Cation Designs (my new favorite blog!) I decided to turn it into a circle skirt (I had just finished making my Cake Patterns Pavlova top, so I already had the pattern out and everything).

So on day 10, I wore this:

Man, it was hot that day. Sorry for the extra shitty picture. I did some alterations to this skirt post-pic, so I'll tell you all about them in another post.

On day 11, I had my last day of mentoring -- after four years, I decided it was time to stop mentoring, mostly because I moved states and driving to the meetings was getting really tough. Still, it was really sad.

I wore my khaki Ginger skirt with an RTW J Crew top (ancient).

On day 12 it was gorgeous out! Greg and I did a bunch of errands and worked in the garden. It was nice and warm, so I wore my Washi Dress (I removed a bunch of fabric from the front/sides to make it look a little less maternity on me.)

Reflections from the week: I do not have a lot of variety in my work-at-home wardrobe. And it's not even because I'm trying to wear me-mades! If it wasn't Me-Made May, I probably would have worn the shawl outfit three of the days I worked at home. Also, I wear a lot of blue, grey, black and white. Hot damn. I should keep an eye on that. Seriously every outfit this week was based in blue, black, grey or white.

Currently making: About to start cutting a Cake Patterns Tiramisu. I have plans for two of them if the pattern works out for me.

Anyway, that's it for week 2. I'll try to do better next week, I promise! (Although as I write this, I'm totally wearing the shawl and leggings outfit again -- what can I say? It got cold!)

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