Monday, June 17, 2013

Things I've Sewn Lately: Tiramisu

I've loved the Tiramisu pattern since I started seeing versions of the dress all over the Internet. The second Pattern Review started selling Cake Patterns, I ordered Tiramisu and Pavlova

Crazily enough, the only sewing I got done during Me-Made May was to make two Tiramisus, a Pavlova top and a Pavlova skirt. May was definitely Cake Patterns month! 

Knit sundresses are one of my favorite summertime work-at-home outfits. Easy to throw on and super comfy!

The fist Pavlova I did was some bright coral cotton knit from Mood. It's pretty heavy and swishy, so I eliminated the pockets -- I love me some pockets, but I couldn't think what I'd put inside pockets of a knit dress that wouldn't just drag the dress down. I also took out the underbust ruching and just gathered my fabric a bit -- no real reason, I just like the look of it.

I originally intended this fabric for a long-sleeved Renfrew, so I had barely enough to squeeze out this dress. I had a tiny handful of confetti after I was done cutting.

I sewed just about the entire dress on my serger. Some of the seams came out a little wavy on this one. Just could not find a tension setting I liked! Plus, I'm allergic to making muslins for knits patterns -- it just seems pointless. How would you even try it on? No thanks!

The wavy seams are pretty easy to press out, but, after a washing (as seen in this picture), they're back to wavy. I actually pulled this right out of the dryer for this photoshoot. 

I also had a little drama attaching the skirt to the bodice. The fabric is just really heavy in general, I guess. I sewed the seam like four times to get it flat.

But overall I love it and I think it'll get a ton of wear. Look how swishy!

On version two, I got the serger tension right. This is a vintage floral Gucci print that I got in Elliott Berman's 50 percent off sale. When it came it was much more sheer than I expected, so I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. But after I made my first Tiramisu, I realized it would be perfect. And, when it came down to it, the fabric wasn't really that sheer. I didn't feel like I could see through it. The lightness of the fabric was a huge boon in terms of weight. If you make one of these, I'd suggest very very lightweight fabric.

This version just came out a lot cleaner in general. It's always so much easier to make a pattern the second time! 

I'm in love love love with the sleeve and neck binding method on these dresses. It's a very thin binding and it's done without stretching the binding (like on some t-shirts). I just love the look of it. 

I did a better job reading this pattern than I did with the Pavlova -- even though this one came with two correction sheets. The correction I needed was super simple, luckily.

The construction is kind of fun, too. You make the entire dress flat and connected by the shoulders, skirt and all, and then just zip up the side seams.

This fabric was much less stretchy, so there's a whole lot less ease to it (I sewed it right to my size.) The sizing on this is pretty unique. You pick a size for the top by inches and then it's customized by cup size. I didn't really need several different sizes, but I could see it being awesome for someone who's a little more gifted in the boob area.

Originally, I wanted to make a striped version, since the pattern comes with instructions for stripes, but, true to form, a floral and a solid were what I ended up with.

What can I say? At least I'm reliable, right?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm Making a Swimsuit!

I just ordered swimsuit fabrics from Spandex House and I could not be more excited to participate in my first sewalong!

Heather, from Closet Case Files, just released a swimsuit pattern, the Bombshell. It's styled after a classic 1950s silhouette, which, can I say, is absolutely perfect for this pear-shaped girl.

In general I'm just super excited to have a nice, fashionable one-piece. I usually make it through the summer with the two Victoria's Secret swimsuits I have, but I think this would be something really different and lovely.

A bunch of folks, Heather included, recommended Spandex House -- which, coincidentally, I really wanted to visit when I was in NYC. The wonderful Oonaballoona even offered to take me there while everyone else visited Pacific Trimmings, but I was in total go-with-the-flow mode that day, so I passed in favor of staying with the group. Next time, I'm TOTALLY going there.

Anyway, I adore all things heart-patterned, so I went with a lovely red spandex with white hearts.

For the lining, I just got plain old nude swimsuit lining -- nothing exciting. I still need to get swimsuit elastic, but I'm hoping to pick that up at G Street or JoAnn's since Spandex House sells it only by the roll (I don't quite need 100 yards, thanks!)

This is going to be a fun challenge for me, I think. Even if it flops. But here's to blog accountability! Cross your fingers that I can "Make It Work!" ;-)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Me-Made May -- Week 5 and Final Thoughts

By the last week, I was getting pretty sick of Me-Made May. Don't get me wrong -- I love wearing my me-mades! But the whole taking pictures every day got old realllll fast.

In addition, as I was writing this up, I realized that until the end of week five, I was just re-wearing stuff from the previous week. So, in the interest of not boring you to death, I'll do only the two cute/new outfits I wore in week 5.

On day 29, I wore another Tiramisu dress. What can I say? I liked it so much I made two. Expect a post on this pattern ASAP, because I adored it.

The only other cute outfit I wore this week was for day 31. It's another New Look 6808 and a khaki twill Ginger skirt. I love this outfit. I feel really good when I wear it and it's super comfy! (Excuse the wrinkles, this photo was snapped post-work.)

And just like that, Me-Made May is over! Whew.

Surprises from the month: I never really noticed how much I wear the same outfit over and over when I work at home. I tend to just throw on leggings or yoga pants with a shawl or sweatshirt and call it a day. You know what's also surprising? Don't really care, either. No one sees me but Greg and the dog and neither of them notice if I wear the same outfit over and over. Gets pretty awkward, though, if you take your picture every day.

What I made this month: Two Tiramisu dresses and a Pavlova top and skirt. Apparently May was Cake Patterns Month!

What I need more of: Skirts and dresses. Always more skirts and dresses. I could probably stand to have a second pair of shorts, too, even though I don't wear them very frequently.

Would I do it again? Definitely maybe. I proved that I could do it -- and I can! But with as much as I work at home, I really don't know that my clothes are all that exciting.

In general, this was a fun experience, if only because I felt like I was bonding with my fellow bloggers through shared experience. And special thanks to Zoe for hosting!

If you're interested in catching up on the rest of my Me-Made May: