Saturday, September 5, 2015

McCall's 6696 in Liberty Poplin

Are you tired of 6696 yet?

Cause I'm not!

I first heard about Liberty poplin on Roisin's blog and I immediately knew I had to have some. I bought this on eBay (along with a single yard of Liberty poplin with smaller flowers -- it became a sleeveless button-down blouse). This is the same as the fabric Roisin used, I believe, but the flowers are on a different scale. I am fairly certain I've seen a few versions of this pattern in the same fabric, though. (If you're one of them, please let me know, so I can credit you!)

Liberty poplin is a dream to work with. It sews up so and presses very crisply. You can really tell that it's high quality fabric!

Mood recently has started selling Liberty poplins, by the way, and they really have some lovely ones. I bought a pretty blue and grey one in my last order.

The buttons I used were from a lot of vintage buttons I bought on Etsy. I had exactly the right amount and then I cracked one, so there actually isn't a button at the very top of the button placket. I never button that last button and the way the collar folds hides it anyway, so hopefully no one will notice!

I matched the button-sewing thread to the buttons, which I think looks really nice.

I have recently discovered glue sticks for fabric and they are really wonderful for shirtmaking -- I feel that my shirts look much more professional and cleanly stitched when I use glue.

I glue the collar stand facing down before I sew it and it works so much better than pinning. I also used it for the waistband and button placket.

The glue helps keep everything in place much better than pins, but it does tend to gum up the sewing needles a bit. I've noticed that when I use glue I need to change my needle before I make the buttonholes.

I love my Pfaff -- the topstitching is beautiful -- but it really does not like to make buttonholes unless I've very recently treated it to a new needle. I'm batch-making button-down shirts this weekend, and I can just imagine how many needles I'll go through!

The botton of the collar stand could be stitched a bit straighter, but I'm really pleased with this collar and collar stand!

And a dress-guts pic! I serged all the seams with white thread.

I think this is my last 6696 for a while, and I feel like it's my best effort yet. I love how making the same pattern several times garners better and better results with each sewing.

Now I'm off to work on those button-downs. I've got four on the go at once, trying to make some more work clothing!

What are you sewing this weekend?