Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Look 6262 in Seersucker

Happy Seersucker Thursday!

I first learned about Seersucker Thursday when I worked for Roll Call and the paper covered a Seersucker Thursday event in Congress. Entire staffs of certain representatives dressed up in seersucker on the same day. It was hilarious. Of course, this summer, even though I no longer work for Roll Call, I knew I needed my own Seersucker Thursday outfit. Because D.C.

I bought this particular seersucker from It's beautifully light for summer and, shockingly, doesn't need ironing. Seriously. I pull this out of the dryer, hang it up and wear it without ironing. That is RARE, ya'll. And it's wonderful. I think I've worn this dress at least once a week all summer.

The pattern I used is New Look 6262. I know I've said this before, but I love New Look for basic dresses. You don't even have to wait for sales -- they're just $4.29 all the time.

This dress is unlined, so the arms are finished with pre-bought bias tape and the neckline is finished with a facing, which I topstitched down about half an inch from the edge.

The skirt is slightly gathered -- enough to provide a small amount of fullness and comfort without adding too much poof.

In terms of sizing, I cut an 8 at the bust and a 10-12ish at the waist. I normally cut to a 10 at the waist, but I wanted this dress to be a bit loose in the waist.

I am appreciating ease more and more (although I still don't need the 4 inches most Big Four patterns include, thanks!) as I spend more time sitting in an office, frequently slouched over. It's just more comfortable this way! I think going partially to 12 at the waist gives me about three-quarters of an inch ease. Maybe an inch, depending on the day.

I finished the seams with the serger. I always finish all potential seams BEFORE I sew the garment up. The one time I tried to serge everything post-sewing, I sucked the blouse I was working on into the serger and almost cried. Back to pre-serging my fabric!

Hilariously, my invisible zipper ended up between two white stripes, so when viewed from the back, it looks like my zipper is partially visible, but I promise it's hidden! 

Overall, I really enjoy this dress and I will definitely make this pattern again. This is the only v-neck dress I own and it's a fun change from my usual boat and scoop necks -- it provides a nice background for necklaces!

What are you all wearing to work this summer? I'm all dresses all the time! I have a few other new ones to post soon, too, before fall starts making its presence known.