Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Me-Made May -- Week 4!

Why is May such a long month?

Like everyone else, I'm getting pretty sick of Me-Made May.

For day 20, my first day of 5 a.m. shift (!), I just cheated and wore my Amerson undies under my jean shorts and tank. I will say, though, in the spirit of Me-Made May, this was the first time I'd actually worn them all day long and I LOVED them.Will definitely make another pair now!

On day 21, I wore my bedsheet circle skirt again. I love this skirt. So comfy for hanging around the house.

Day 22, I wore my new Tiramisu dress, made from one of my NYC fabrics. This photo actually was not taken that day. Expect a post on Tiramisu soon -- I've already made two of them. I'm in love.

I'm embarrassed (not really, but we'll pretend) to say I re-wore the Tiramisu the next day. I actually didn't wear it the entire day on day 22, so it seemed OK to re-wear for day 23. But here's a pic of me cooking fried rice in an apron I made in November. I wear this apron all the time.

On day 24, I wore New Look 6808 with jeans. I actually went to work this day, which warranted, you know... shoes. Fun fact: I never wear shoes at home. I'm allergic to shoe-wearing.

Day 24 found Greg and I going out to the fancy Whole Foods for dinner (this WF near us has like... restaurant-esque eateries inside it. It's insane) and then to Fast and Furious 6 (which was amazing if you like fluffy action movies, which I do!) I'm wearing my beloved denim Ginger skirt and a cardigan and tank top.

On day 25, WE WENT SAILING! Yayyyyy! For those who haven't been reading for a long time, I lived on the boat my dad and I co-own for three years. This was also Lyra's first-ever sailing trip! I don't know how much fun she had, but doesn't she look super cute in her lifejacket?

I don't have any me-mades that are really suitable for sailing, so I re-wore my Amerson undies under a pair of shorts. Look how pale I am! Yikes!

Day 26 I wore my Renfrew top in the morning for errands, but my hair was gross and I was slightly pink from the sun, so pics just didn't happen.

Bonus shot of Lyra in her PFD to make up for lack of day 26 pics:

Reflections from the week: I worked the 5 a.m. shift every day but Friday, so I had copious amounts of time after work to do whatever I wanted. It was amazing! Not so awesome for clothes, though. I basically rolled out of bed, worked in PJ's and showered post work.

Currently working on: Nothing! Just finished my second Tiramisu yesterday. I think I'll make a wearable muslin of the Cambie dress next. I have a king size light pink flat sheet I'm eyeing. But I have to wait for new rotary cutter blades to come in the mail, because girlfriend doesn't cut pattern pieces with scissors. Too much work!

Me-Made May is nearly OVER! Just one more post to go and we'll call it a success. Woo!

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