Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Me-Made May -- Week 1!

A little late with last weeks Me-Made May challenge post, but better late than never, right? 

On day 1, I did something totally crazy and unprecedented -- I wore pants. This is a very rare for me, I can assure you. This top is another version of New Look 6808. The pants are from the Ann Taylor Factory Outlet because Ann Taylor is one of the few places I can buy pants. The fabric was bought on my trip to NYC. (It's a little rumpled because I took this photo after work.)

An "action shot" from day 1, taken by one of my fabulous coworkers.

In the interest of keeping it real, this day 2 picture was taken over breakfast before a dermatologist appointment, errands and a day of working at home. So no makeup, because the dermatologist needs to see your skin, right? You may recall that a trip to the dermatologist was one of my goals for the new year. I'm sure you'll all be happy to know that I don't have skin cancer.

I'm wearing a Renfrew top, made from NYC fabric, with jeans and Toms shoes.

Day 3 saw another day of working in the office. I'm wearing a denim Ginger skirt (made from NYC fabric, natch) and a New Look top (made with overpriced G-Street fabric.) Along with an RTW sweater. The top is unblogged because I'm not super pleased with the fit. I did the sleeves twice and they are STILL tight on my biceps. I never knew I was so ripped until I started sewing, sheesh.

I'm watering the seedlings in this picture, because the Flickr group Friday theme was water. Look how big my tomatoes and peppers are getting!

On day 4, I wore my Ginger again, this time with an RTW white t-shirt. We went to the annual crawfish boil hosted by Greg's former boss. It was amazing! We ate our weight in crawfish and beignets. So good.

On day 5, I totally thought about wearing my Ginger again, but I figured you guys might get bored. So I wore my re-cut Washi top (made with fabric from Seattle) with jeans and a cardigan and Toms flats.

Lyra seems unamused by the whole Me-Made May thing -- probably because I haven't made anything for her! Woops!

Reflections from the week: The first week was fairly easy. It was a congressional recess, so I worked days in the office a lot. This current week will be more challenging because I'm working at home most days and I normally just wear yoga pants and sweatshirts when I work at home -- and I haven't made much of that. I'm planning to count the one item of mom-made clothing I have (a lovely shawl) as me-made, though, because it's warm and awesome and it's going to be too warm to wear it soon.

Currently making: A Cake Patterns Pavlova wrap top, which hopefully will fill some gaps. I also just ordered some super cute sweatshirt fabric, so that might help. It's been really unexpectedly cold recently. I've been freezing!

How is your Me-Made May going?

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