Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Fabric and Upcoming Projects

While I was on vacation in New York, I got lots of fabric for upcoming projects. Because GARMENT DISTRICT. 

I made a big list of patterns and their fabric and notion requirements and hit the stores!

I got some lovely dark grey non-stretch cotton twill for a Minoru jacket for fall, along with some bright blue synthetic lining fabric.

This light blue chambray is from Mood and was just too soft to pass up. I bought three yards and am hoping to squeeze a dress from a vintage pattern Greg got me, McCall's 5238. I loved this dress on Mad Men and shamelessly bought the pattern after someone on Lucky Lucille suggested the pattern for her Mad Men Challenge dress.

I'm currently working on a muslin, but it's my first vintage pattern, so I'm trying to be extra careful! If I have enough of the chambray fabric, which is 100 percent cotton, then I'll join By Gum, By Golly and Lucky Lucille's Fall for Cotton Sewalong. :)

Got some bright pink knit for a Renfrew shirt. (I asked the crowd if it was too pink for a t-shirt, and they assured me it was not!)

I have a yard and a half of this lovely fabric, from the remnant bin at AK Fabrics. Skirt maybe? I don't have a definite plan for this one, I just liked it a lot.

Greg found this lurking in the back of the pile at Chic Fabrics ("Oooh, coral flowers! You love coral!" -- I love this man.) I've never used a border print before, so no idea what I'll make with it. Probably a dress or skirt.

Polka dots! My one true love. I'll make a blouse from this. Probably New Look 6808 again.

Black slightly stretchy twill for a Kelly skirt, with attendant buttons from Mood.

Plain cotton knits in black and white for tank tops.

Super soft velvety brushed cotton in a lovely navy color. Skirt!

Dark wash denim for a Hollyburn skirt. And buttons to go with it:

I also got some grey cotton canvas to make into shorts (or another skirt) and some black knit yoga pants-esque fabric to make some Tofino pants.

So lots of skirts in my future -- but if we want to get real here, that's pretty much all I wear -- and I like to sew what I like to wear!

What's your next project?


  1. So much good stuff!!! I love everything you posted!! It was so great to chat with you for a bit while you were in NY!!

    1. Thanks! I looked back on it and was worried it was too boring (too much "cake" and not enough "frosting" to use sewing-blog-ese) but I'm pretty happy with it overall, I think. :D

      It was lovely chatting with you, too! I had so much fun that day!