Friday, August 23, 2013

Male Pattern Boldness Day + New York Vacation

Greg, Lyra and I just spent a lovely week in New York. Our first day concentrated on Male Pattern Boldness Day, which was absolutely wonderful.

Pic stolen from Peter of MPB

There was a huge group of people that met up at FIT for a free exhibit. (I'm in the back of that photo, just to the right of Peter's head.) We also had lunch at Panera and shopped until we dropped.

It was so fun to meet so many sewists -- it's really neat to finally meet folks whose blogs you love (and get introductions to new sewing blogs!) And it's also really funny the pattern/sewing recognition that happens. It's not "I like your dress!" it's "Is that a Cambie?" and "Oh, nice Hazel!" Love that!

While I was hanging out with the MPB Day crowd, Greg and Lyra were wandering around NYC. Seriously, Greg is the most patient person ever. He sat in Bryant Park all day with the dog, watching bocce ball and playing DS. Luckily, the weather was gorgeous and they had a nice time in the park.

At the end of the day, we headed out to spend a few days with Greg's aunts on Long Island. The weather was kind of meh, but we got one good beach day and spent time swimming in the backyard with the dog -- apparently Lyra likes water!

She was so worried we were going to leave her behind when we went stand-up paddling (we rented boards) that she swam out to us and jumped on Greg's board! Guess that answers the question of whether she can swim.

After a few days relaxing with the aunts, we headed back to NYC, where Lyra became hotel dog extraordinaire, I stocked up on fabric, thread and notions and we all took epic walks and ate lovely food. It was absolutely dreamy.

Not a great picture, but we went out to Eataly and ate on the roof one night and I wore a skirt made from a bedsheet.

It was altogether a lovely vacation! Here's a preview of the fabric I brought home:

I'll do a separate post tomorrow on upcoming projects and new fabric. There's no place like New York for sewing inspiration!


  1. Your dog is very cute! I saw her at the very end of MPB day. If you ever come back up for another meet-up and you need a place to stay, you'd be welcome here. And I'm sure our Paisley would be thrilled to meet Lyra.