Monday, May 20, 2013

Me-Made May -- Week 3!

Well, this week was the most difficult yet, I'm sorry to say. What's worse, you're going to get some recycled photos. I did a seriously abysmal job of taking pictures this week.

On day 13, I once again wore my leggings and shawl outfit. Creature of habit, party of one!

I think I also wore that outfit on day 14. Or maybe I wore last week's tunic and leggings outfit? I can't find photographic evidence anywhere! I know I wore me-made, though. Scout's honor!

Day 15 features a recycled photo, but I wore nearly the exact same outfit. Butterick B5649 skirt with a white t-shirt top and a cardigan. I am so disappointed in myself, but this skirt has an indelible grease stain on the front now. And some fraying inside. I think I might just make it again, but better, because I love it. I can't believe it's already stained after only five or so wearings! Boo.

On day 16, I woke up extra early to meet a friend from the internetz for breakfast! I wore my new (as-yet-unblogged) Pavlova top with my denim Ginger skirt. Loving the Pavlova top! It's a little messy here, but this is post-breakfast and after a few hours of sitting and gabbing. I wore this to work later in the day, too.

On  day 17, I went to work and work my black faux-wrap top, New Look 6150. Love this top! (Recycled photo.)

This is where it gets rough, folks. On day 18 I wore absolutely NOTHING me-made. We were headed to a wine festival for the day, and it was unexpectedly cold and rainy. i'd planned to wear my cute new Lonsdale, but it was just too cold and... well... I need to do wash. Fail. It occurred to me later that I should have worn my Amerson undies! Next time...

Day 19 was hot and sticky from the previous day's rain, so I pulled on my Washi dress for yard work. I love the Washi for gardening. Nice and washable! Here I've paired it with (unpictured) gardening clogs, a bug-repellent bracelet and gardening gloves. So fashionable, right?

Reflections from the week: This week was rough in a lot of ways, but I think I did pretty well. I'm really disappointed that I had to skip a day, but in the grand scheme of things, it could be worse. I managed to keep the legging look to a minimum, at least. I'm hoping this week will be warmer. I'm on the 5 a.m. shift all week from home, so maybe I'll actually do exciting things in the afternoons and put on real clothing...

Currently making: Cake patterns Tiramisu. I never really got on that last week, but I hope to have more time to sew this week. :)

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