Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fabrics From Seattle

Finally, the post you've been waiting for -- pictures of the fabrics and patterns I bought in Seattle. I didn't buy a ton of stuff or anything... mostly some novelty prints and a few indie patterns.

I got two Colette patterns, Jasmine and Crepe, as well as the Made by Rae Washi dress and the Green Bee Scoop Tote.

The Made by Rae and Green Bee patterns were impulse purchases -- they had the tote made up in the store and I thought it was really cute. And the saleslady recommended the Washi Dress -- one of the recommended fabrics for which is, get this, quilting cotton. I have never seen that recommended before and I've frequently seen people deride those who sew clothes with quilting cotton. So you can color me intrigued. If I ever start feeling less sick, I'll probably make that up next with the grey-and-white pitcher pattern shown in the bottom center of that picture.

 I was really bummed that no one had a Collete Ginger. The second store even had a Ginger made up from a recent class they had, but they were sold out. What a tease! I suppose I'll have to order it. I don't know why I haven't ordered it... oh well. I'll get around to it soon.

In addition to the patterns, I got some super super cute fabrics.

Um, hello, mice on bikes! Mice sitting on spools! I swoon. The second I saw this fabric I knew I had to have some. I bought a yard and I plan to make a cute little pillow or two.

Yes! Nancy Drew fabric! This is a small selection of the swatch pack I bought. Maybe a small throw blanket? I've got 42 4-inch squares. Isn't it precious? I love Nancy Drew when I was a kid (you could buy six Nancy Drew books for like $10 at Costco, so I had a million of them.)  I especially love the book spine pattern. Any ideas for what I could do with book spine quilting cotton? Something cute?

This is a canvas-y fabric and was in the remnant pile. I love coral, so I thought maybe I'd make the scoop tote with this on the outside? Yes/yes?

I also got a yard of grey with small white anchors, the aforementioned grey with white pitchers and a set of fat quarters with nautical-themed fabric (center right of the first picture).

Overall, the fact that I got to spend a day of my vacation shopping for fabric and indie patterns made the trip even sweeter. I had the best time that day and I love the souvenirs I came home with.

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