Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Few Tidbits From the Land of the Sick

Several short things to share today:

1. I've decided to make a pair of panties and attempt to banish my fear of sewing from PDF patterns (i.e. ones you print online instead of ones you buy.) The Amerson Undie, shown below, is a new free pattern from Madalynne, a blog I enjoy very much.

I fully realize I've probably crossed further into crazy territory by attempting to sew my own underwear, but there you go. I like to live dangerously.

2. I'm sick again for the second time this winter and I wish my immune system would get its act together. Greg's getting over being sick and I'm getting worse by the hour. We went out to get takeout pho and bubble tea today, which had me feeling better for all of thirty minutes -- hey, I'll take what I can get! Pho is the absolute best food when you're sick. And, as a bonus, you don't have to make it yourself. Don't tell, but I may have it for dinner again tomorrow if I still feel crappy. It's just that good.

3. Greg and I are in the process of applying to a rescue organization for a dog of our very own -- yay! I'd been lobbying for a dog for months. I'm trying really hard not to fall in love with this dog just in case we don't get her. We dragged our sick selves out to the adoption fair for an interview today. I'm sure we were absolutely charming. We both grew up with dogs, but my experience is mostly limited to picking a puppy from a litter and we want to adopt a grown dog. It's so difficult to choose just one. They're all so different! I want to take them all home, but Greg says I can only have one. Killjoy.

4. I've just had a panicked realization that I should have bought seeds for my garden already. It's almost time to start the seeds! I've got a huge list of things I want to grow. I better get on that.

5. I'm going to a sewing blogger meetup in two weeks! Yay! Lauren from Lladybird posted a few weeks ago that she was headed out there. I've been just dying to get to Mood and I can't wait! I just need to get healthy before then -- and then make sure I don't get sick again.

That's all for now. Off for tea and ibuprofen and sleep. If I can figure out why my camera refuses to focus, I'll be back soon with pictures of my fabric and pattern haul from Seattle.

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