Sunday, January 20, 2013

Things I've Sewn Lately: New Look 6150

Finally got to take some pictures of some of the things I've made lately and I've got several pieces of clothing queued up to show you.

I made Greg play the part of fashion photographer today. Isn't he such a sport? All photo credits are his, of course.

But first, a sewing machine update. No, I didn't rush right out and buy a new machine -- but my mom, bless her heart, is too busy to sew lately, so she's graciously loaned me both her sewing machine AND her serger. 

It's practically too good to be true. I was so depressed about my machine breaking -- again -- but so so excited and grateful to be loaned some really high-quality machines to play with. Though I worry I might become spoiled...

And, bonus, her serger is the exact model I've had my eye on to buy. So it's like an extended trial. :D

Of course, the second I got the serger home, I had to rush right out and get a knit pattern and some knit fabric to play with. No time to delay!

This is a super soft rayon knit made by Sew Classics and bought from JoAnn fabric -- all Sew Classic knits are 40 percent off right now, so hurry up and go get some!

The pattern is New Look 6150, a faux wrap with ruched sleeves and a ruched side and I sewed just about everything with the serger.

For those not familiar with sergers, look at the inside of a stretchy shirt you own. I bet you're wearing one right now! See the funky stitching on the seams? It's done with a four-thread serger. Fancy, right? You use a serger so that the stitches stretch with the fabric. Have you ever bought a cheap stretchy top, pulled it over your head and heard thread cracking and breaking? I know I have! That's what using a serger avoids. I'll try and snap a picture of the one I'm using, but, as you might have surmised from previous posts, my sewing room is in the basement and sees very little natural light. 

Anyway, back to the shirt! Did I mention it's really soft and comfy?

I wore this outfit to work on Friday and it was so nice and comfortable all day long. 

Here's a closer look at the sleeves:

And the back:

And the always-important bend-forward test. 

Here's a link to my review on Pattern Review in case you're interested. I highly recommend this pattern! 

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