Saturday, October 5, 2013

Things I've Sewn Lately: Hollyburn Skirt With Jeans Styling

Hello, Hollyburn! 

My love affair with Sewaholic patterns continues with the Hollyburn skirt.

I knew, as soon as I saw the pattern, that this would be a good silhouette for me and I love a good denim skirt. I made a denim Ginger (Colette Patterns) but I wore it pretty much nonstop for a year and I wanted something new!

This denim was purchased at Mood during my recent trip. It's a lovely, slightly stretchy denim with a dark wash.  I purchased a some super cute buttons for this skirt at Mood; they had anchors on them. But in the first wash, they started to shed their brown color. Really sad. Happily, I had two matching brown buttons in my button collection to replace them with.

I cut this skirt in an exact pattern size (8) and it was perfect. No alterations, no nothing. The instructions were very simple to follow.

Hilariously, the top I'm wearing in these pictures was purchased a couple of years ago on the spur of the moment after I spilled an entire waste toner cartridge on my white blouse and still needed to head to a second job. Woops! Trust me -- waste toner is not a good addition to an outfit. ;)

I used some gold thread from Sil Thread in NYC to top-stitch this skirt and give it a jeans look.

I'm pleased with the way it came out, though I wish it hadn't given me so much trouble in the layered bits. The machine was protesting a small amount at some points. But I won in the end.

Here's a closeup of the top-stitching. I love the way it came out. And yay for my new FitBit bracelet! If you're a FitBit user, we should be FitBit friends. :)

Anyway, I highly recommend this pattern. Like all Sewaholic patterns, it's well-drafted and has great instructions.

Wait... what's that? A puppy wanting to join the photoshoot?



  1. So cute and totally wearable.

    1. Thanks! Denim skirts are such a nice staple, I always think. :)