Monday, December 16, 2013

Things I've Sewn (With Nancy) Lately: McCall's M6408

Continuing my recent theme of snuggly tops to wear with my Jalie leggings and boots, I recently picked up McCall's M6408 by Nancy Zieman. Oh yes. Sewing with Nancy. 

Since fleece was on sale for $3 a yard, I decided to make this out of fleece first to be sure I liked the style on myself. Plus, fleece is snuggly. I know it's totally '90s of me, but since I cannot wear any kind of wool at all ever, so I love my fleece. Somehow I bought juuuuust a smidge too little fabric and ended up having to piece one of the ties. Woops.

I was worried this might be much too bathrobe-esque for public consumption, but my Instagram followers seemed to be overwhelmingly in favor of this outfit, which, in pictures at least, I think looks like wool.

And I will admit, this outfit is comfortable beyond belief. 

This pattern is also ridiculously easy to make up. I did this one, cutting the pattern to hemming the bottom, in a single night.

The only thing I hated in this pattern was the original sleeve. It was almost kimono-like in its largeness. I removed a large portion (maybe 5 inches?) of width from the elbow down and then added a cuff so it wouldn't flap in the breeze. 

After the success of the fleece version, I made one out of stone-colored ponte knit from Mood.

The ponte is much thinner and less fluffy than the fleece, so the sleeves are a touch long and the shoulders are a bit slouchy, but, surprisingly, this bothers me not at all. I kind of like the slightly oversized slouchy look in this sweater. I could see myself shortening the sleeve at the cuff I added maybe, but probably not.

For both of them, I basted the seams and then serged. This was my first time using ponte, and let me tell you -- the rumors are true. It's amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I ordered more ponte during Mood's Black Friday sale. Serges like a dream!

You can tie this in the back, too, but I wasn't a fan of that look. The pattern also includes a straight hem and options without a tie (definitely not a fan of that look.)

Overall, I really like it. I might even make it again sometime, though for now, I think two is enough, so I'll have to find another use for the ponte I just ordered. Ideas?

The real question though: Who knew Nancy had this much style?

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