Sunday, March 9, 2014

Advice Needed: Am I Finished?

Last week I had a super stressful meeting coming up at work. So what did I do the night before said meeting? 

Stress sewing, of course!

Here we have a Sewaholic bonanza --  a Hollyburn from a thick brushed cotton from Mood and a white Renfrew.

I love the combination of navy and white. I am a sailor, after all. I had some white piping left over from some baby sewing I did for my God-daughter, so I decided to add piping to the waistband of this skirt.

Of course now, in retrospect, I think I probably should have used piping in the pockets. Instead, all I did was white top-stitching at the pockets and hem.

I keep going back and forth about whether I like the piping at the waistband and the top-stitching elsewhere or if I should have done piping at the pockets and a blind hem.

What do you think?

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